Vivo Y11 Plus ( 2021) smart phone was launched on 18th September in India. The phone comes with an attractive 6.35 inch touchscreen screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The phone also comes with internal memory of 16GB. It also has a microSD slot for additional storage capacity. In addition, it also has anisable battery. Further, the phone runs on Windows OS.

Apart from these features, this handset has a lot of other features as well, which attract a number of users. One of the major features is Android interface, which is extremely smooth and fluid. This is one of the main reasons why the handset is preferred by a large majority of people. vivo y11 Apart from this, the handset comes with high resolution screen, high density AMOLED screen, Gorilla Glass protection, Corning resistance, and dual SIM slots for Dual SIM. Apart from this, Vivo has launched many other high resolution smartphones in the past such as YEI8I, YUIMS, ZTE Explorer, and Motorola Defy.

In this article, we will try to find out if the smartphone is suitable for the Indian masses. To begin with, let us see some of the specifications of the vivo y11. The handset comes with high resolution 5.5 inch widescreen LCD screen, along with Gorilla glass, Corning gorilla glass, and the standard physical keyboard. There is no other home button on the handset.

As compared to other mobiles available in the Indian markets, the vivo y11 is priced reasonably. The price of the handset is slightly higher than the average of other smartphones in the market. However, the comparison can be made by comparing its battery capacity with other mid-budget phones. It has about six hundred and thirty millimeter of battery capacity, which is much lower than the iPhone 4S’s eighty-five millimeter and HTC Evo Shift’s one hundred and forty millimeter battery capacity.

In spite of having lower battery capacity, the vivo y11 price is still comfortable enough for most people in the country. This is because there are so many budget smartphones available in the market, and this means that a middle class person is unable to buy a smartphone of his choice, due to the exorbitant prices of these gadgets. However, the good news is that the price of the handset has come down recently. This is because the manufacturer has reduced the price of the latest version of the smartphone.

However, the best thing about the vivo y11 smartphone is that it comes with four gigabytes of memory that can be expanded using microSD cards. The memory can also be increased by buying an additional twenty-two megabytes. This can be done by buying a card from eBay or Amazon. Despite the low price of the handset, this device still packs in plenty of features, including a camera, a music player, a games console, a micro USB cable, a micro USB adapter, a SIM card, a battery, and Voice Activated Dialing. The connectivity options on the vivo y11 are quite good, which means that users are able to send and receive calls while travelling, as it supports all three major mobile networks in the UK.

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