Sat. May 28th, 2022

There are many ways to enjoy yourself without letting others know, but one of these ways is playing Zombie games. Zombies are always the unique theme when it comes to games. Here in this article we will provide you with some links which lead to the unblocked version of three different zombie games. If you want to play them right now , open your internet and follow our steps below:

The first game that we would like to share with you is called Undead Overlord. It’s a tower defense game in which zombies try to reach their target by destroying all kinds of towers placed in front of them, while players can build towers on a limited space scattered around the map. Players choose a certain difficulty level and then they have to stop the zombies. At every level, players can earn money by stopping the enemies and they can use this money for more towers or upgrading existing ones.

Undead Overlord should be played online using Chrome because other browsers cannot unblock it properly, but we’re sure you won’t have any problem with this one. Click this link , wait for a few seconds until your browser begins to load the game and then click on “Unblocked!” after popping up in front of your screen.

The second game is called Last Stand 2:

It’s an action-packed zombie shooter game in which players have to fight against endless waves of zombies, while their experience gets better from level to level in order to become even stronger than before. With this progress, players can buy different guns and upgrade them in order to have an advantage over zombies.

The unblocked version of this game can be played on Chrome too, but before clicking the link below we recommend that you first delete all files and history related to other zombie games so that you don’t get bored with this one after a few levels (trust us, it won’t take long). Go to your Chrome’s settings and under History click “Clear browsing data…”. Now you’re free to open this link: Last Stand 2 . You will see a screen just like the Link below:

Click “Allow”

This step is very important if you want to play the game. After doing this, wait for your browser to load it and then click “Unblocked!” in front of the game.

The last site that we’re going to provide you with is called Zombotron. This one is also a shooter where players have to earn money by destroying zombies and then they can use this money for buying/upgrading guns. The main goal here is killing all kinds of dangerous enemies while trying to reach an exit sign on each level, but be careful, because there are some hidden levels as well which can be unlocked if players find certain items or keys.

Zombotron can also be played online on Google Chrome and you can do it by clicking this link: Zombotron . We recommend that you play the unblocked version of these games if you don’t want to get bored easily.

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